An eyewear collection from the optician

For some time now, three opticians have been engaged in the development of rimless eyewear. We bring a new dimension to our range of glasses in colour, material and design. As a team, we have created a trendy collection of beautiful glasses geared to the younger generation and to those who want something different.

In cooperation with German manufacturers we have tested different substances and have found the ultimate material that has fulfilled our requirements. REMANIUM is a precious metal which has been used in medical technology and has proven to be the best material for our designs. This metal has a brilliant finish and is resistant to bending or breakage.

Just as carefully as we have developed the frame, so we have been selective in producing the lenses. Each lense is artfully choosen to please the customer. The consumer will have the distinct impression that the selected eyewear has only their interest in mind. All models have high quality, super antireflection coating (CR 39) and each pair of glasses is carefully hand produced. The adjustments and allignments are done by the trained opticians as they know exactly the needs and requirements of the individual.

Complete satisfaction is what motivates us. It is our objective to be persistant in the development and production of new and exciting eyewear.

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